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House Republicans Propose Legislation that Includes Historic Reforms to the MID

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Misdirected Investments: How the Mortgage Interest Deduction Drives Inequality and the Racial Wealth Gap


Reforming The Mortgage Interest Deduction

How Homeownership Became the Engine of American Inequality

Millions of families can’t afford a decent place to call home

Yet the vast majority of federal housing dollars go to subsidize housing for the wealthiest households. It’s time to change this.
Let’s make sure that scarce federal resources are targeted towards those who need it the most.

Yes…Let’s do it!

Housing Shortage

7 Million +

There’s a shortage of more than 7 million affordable rental housing units for extremely low income families.



More than half a million people are experiencing homelessness on any given night.

Housing Poverty


Approximately 71% of all extremely low income households pay more than half their income on rent.

Underfunded Programs

1 in 4

Only 1 in 4 extremely low income households who need rental housing assistance receive it.


< 25%

Less than 25% of federal housing dollars benefit low income renters.

Our Solution

Rebalance federal housing expenditures through modest reforms to the mortgage interest deduction, a tax write-off that largely benefits America’s highest income families.

By enacting modest reforms to the mortgage interest deduction and reinvesting the savings in highly targeted rental housing programs–such as the national Housing Trust Fund and rental assistance programs that serve people with the greatest needs–our nation can make the investments to end homelessness and housing poverty. All without increasing costs for the federal government.

Our Proposal in Action

Drag sliders to see how simple changes to the Mortgage Interest Deduction can make a big impact.

Lower Mortgage Cap

Reduce the portion of a mortgage eligible for a tax break. Homeowners would continue to get tax relief on the first $500,000 of their mortgage.

$500K $1M

Convert to Tax Credit

Convert from a tax deduction to a 15% tax credit

Tax deduction 15% Tax Credit

what is the impact?

Savings Over 10 Years

$ 0 Billion

Investing 100% of the savings in affordable rental housing for those with the greatest need could create:

New Affordable Homes

(Created through the national Housing Trust Fund)

0 Million


New Rental Assistance

(Such as housing choice vouchers)

0 Million

Additional Homeowners Receiving
a Tax Benefit


Source: Tax Policy Center, 2016

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federal housing policy for those with the greatest need.